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Healing -Body ,mind, emotion and our energy field

Little understanding and exploration of the components of our true self leads to confusions,direction and further course of action.

Healing -Body ,mind, emotion and our energy field .

Little understanding  and exploration  of the components of our true self leads to  confusions,direction and further course  of  action.

Healing as we desire happens in various fields of our existence.

1-Physical and organic  feild

2-The mental and thought procedural feild

3-Emotional and feeling feild

4-pure energetic field

Quest and zest for living,an inexorable desire for  exploration further,an unsatiable indulgence  with life of  bliss and harmony .Attachments and involvement  with any or every field is the experiences we create for ourselves. 

Do we want intense ,varied and deep experiences in physicality -pleasing and titillating our senses with food,music,plays,drama,sex,pornthe list is endless.Beginning with the gross and tangible , is our physical body .our mental and intellectual fields is creating  experiences of  interpretation,judgements,analysis  and thus deducing the theory best explained  and understood by the mind -rationalisation and integration to feel good about the fact-yes I understand.

The emotional field of  feelings  and sensations  are the indicators  of  feeling pleasant or unpleasant  in the various  facets of life And the finest  innermost layer is the pure energetic sphere-uncorrupt,undiluted,unified,integrated  and in congregation. 
Getting to the core,touching  the central chord ie being in harmony with our energetic sphere -in the moment of complete silence and acceptance is the key to healing 
HEALING- As I discover  and explore myself today  is simply 
H -Hug yourself

E-Embrace yourself 

A-Accept yourself 

L -Love yourself

Without  any filters of if’s and buts.without any conditions and prerequisites. Without  any predefined notion of your perfect ‘self’.For you are the one- who can heal yourself .counsellors,healers and health practitioners are the facilitators who will hold your hand gently yet the journey  is totally yours. HEAL yourself and HEAL the world. As no-one but you have been given  this beautiful  life to honour and value

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