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Anita Mishra is a certified psychotherapist & counsellor who practices various psychological and metaphysical healing techniques. She specializes in EFT (Emotional freedom technique), CBT (Cognitive behaviour technique), TTT (Trauma tapping technique),Theta healing, Regressions, Inner child healing. She administers meditation and relaxation techniques and has over a decade of rich experience, having associated with various leading organizations across industries. She is passionate about counselling individuals and families to overcome and understand their challenges in personal, familial and work life. She has versatile experience in handling cases related to social withdrawal, defiance, aggression, substance dependence, anxiety, compulsive behaviours , interpersonal difficulties, conflictual relationships, job dissatisfaction as well as symptoms of physical Illness/problem that are unexplained by medical examination.

Anita has had the distinction of being associated with several reputed schools like G D Goenka , NK Bagrodia, Agaresen, Laurel High, Happy Home and many more. She is also an expert career counselor and guides students to identify their true passion. She is also a consultant with media house and has been a regular speaker at Radio shows. She was the lead counselor for TV series called Focus counsel& which dealt with various psychosocial issues related to adults and teenagers.

Anita is a prolific speaker and regularly participates as a panellist in various academic and industry events. She was amongst the key speaker in ;Cyber Security and Cyber Laws’ by Pawan Duggal and associates&UP & Delhi police and Indian Paint Association events. She has been invited by IAASP, SRCC College, Amity University to share her perspective on psychological health and wellbeing. She is a post graduate in psychotherapy and counselling, MA (Sociology) and completed her B.Ed. from Delhi University.

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