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Mission : Empowering People, Enlightening Lives

Anita Mishra is working passionately for empowering people & helping them deal with their psychological health and problems.

Anita Mishra is a certified psychotherapist & counsellor who practices various psychological and metaphysical healing techniques. She specializes in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Techniques), TIT (Trauma Tapping Techniques), Theta healing, Regressions, Inner child healing.

She integrates western psychological techniques and eastern mindfulness wisdom techniques in her therapeutic sessions for bringing fruitful results in the individuals. She is MS in psychotherapy and counselling.

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Motivational Talk

Inspiration and aspirations are key to success. Based on this understanding, Anita has been a speaker on various prestigious platforms motivating and inspiring people on the wide and varied range of topics.


Integration of various therapeutic modalities like CBT, RET, EFT, TTT etc. and by the use of psychological methods based on regular interaction to help people change their behaviour, understand their feelings, emotions and overcome problems in desired ways.


Speak your heart out, clear your doubts and confusions in an empathetic and non judgemental space of counselling. Counselling offers you clarity, guidance and effective suggestions by skillfully assisting you in looking at your choices. To facilitate decision making and selection for the desired outcome by introducing and helping you to walk through your own mental, thinking and behaviour patterns.

Energy Healing

A holistic and intergrated approach to go beyond mind and subtle understanding of activating subtle energy systems. Energy healing and medicine is a very powerful healing modality to understand and experience the life force and energy patterns. Clearing and energizing these energy fields by releasing the stuck and block energy results in a transformational shift.

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