Motivational Talk

Inspiration and aspirations are key to success. Based on this understanding , Anita has been a speaker on various prestigious platforms motivating and inspiring people on the wide and varied range of topics.

Stress to Bliss

Your inner resources to create bliss are far more powerful and abundant to handle the outer stressors. Learn to create a happy, conductive and healthy inner mental, spiritual environment to create bliss in your life.

Anger - Friend or Foe

Anger is an emotion of dissatisfaction, frustration, impulsive reflexes and lack of self control. What are the precursors of anger? Knowledge is power and living the knowledge to understand anger and handle it is the key.

EQ, IQ and SQ

Intelligence with regard to learning understanding of the concepts and various subjects and intelligence with regard to your emotions & others emotions in a social set up is the foundation for a healthy living.


A dynamic role play. Equip yourself with strategies and techniques, education and knowledge of why children behave the way they do? How can a parent be an empowered parent helping the child to bloom to his or her fullest ? Consciousness and new age parenting to balance the fast paced life, your commitments and also fulfilling the role effectively.

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